EPO Newsletters

The EPO Secretariat sends out digital Newsletters to the members in a approximately biweekly frequency, depending on availability of news. The newsletters contain the following information:

- Announcements of meetings with representatives of the European Commission
- Reports on meetings with representatives of the European Commission
- News on meetings of other national and/or international legislative bodies (IATA, AATA, CBD, CITES, etc.)
- News on legislation in EPO member countries.
- And all other topics relevant for EPO member countries

It is now possible for companies active in the pet industry to subscribe to these newsletters and this way to support EPO in the representation of the EU pet industry at international bodies.

Who can subscribe to the Newsletters?

- All companies who are already a member of an EPO member.
- All companies who are not a member of an EPO member with one restriction

What does it costs?

- Members of EPO members pay 150 Euro per year.
- Non-members of EPO members pay 250 Euro per year.
- Subscription runs per calendar year.
- Payments though bank remittance, credit-card or cash at trade fairs.

How to subscribe?

Subscription through the on-line application form or per fax (+31 346 240 161).